Christmas gifts for the whole family


Someone has already celebrated Christmas, but this holiday is yet to come for the entire Orthodox world. Christmas is traditionally celebrated in the narrow circle of one’s family, at the hearth when the closest and dearest people are nearby.

We can say this is not a celebration but an actual sacrament.

Every family has its own traditions. But there are also general rules of etiquette that tell us exactly how to celebrate Christmas, what to give to loved ones and how to behave. To celebrate like a king, you need:

  • Gather the whole family in the living room or dining room.
  • A chandelier with candles is appropriate on the table, which can be an excellent and proper Christmas gift.
  • Dishes can be very diverse. It should be borne in mind that you can move away from lenten words a little and serve meat or fish to the table on Christmas. In 1989, the Christmas menu of Queen Elizabeth II included, strange as it may sound, borscht, traditional in our area.
  • Wine, as well as uzvars and berry drinks, can be served as drinks to the table.
  • Afternoon tea is one of the most important Christmas traditions. In the UK, where tea ceremonies are honored, it is customary to drink classic black tea with the addition of milk.

Christmas is a festive ceremony full of kindness, hope, love, and unity. At such moments, I want to give my loved ones such gifts that would say: “I love you.”

It is essential for each of us to feel the care and love of our loved ones, and therefore gifts for Christmas should be “warm” and filled with tenderness. What can be such a gift? We have tried to resolve this issue.

What to give for Christmas to your loved ones?

The most important rule when choosing gifts for Christmas is the utmost care for our loved ones. This is always a family celebration, for which it is not customary to prepare expensive and valuable gifts.

As a rule, for this holiday, it is customary to prepare small offerings for people close to us, expressing the depth of our feelings. However, the gift you give doesn’t always have to be small. It could be bigger, more expensive, and more thoughtful too. For example, if you know someone who suffers from arthritis, then you could maybe gift them a good leg massager or even a footstool coffee table that they can rest their legs on. Likewise, if someone in your family is expecting a child, then you can gift them a beautiful wooden crib (it could show that you really care about the comfort of the baby). If you want to appear more thoughtful, you can put more gifts inside the crib while wrapping it. Wondering what to put inside? Well, elegant baby clothes (clothes from or personalized blankets could make fine choices.

There are several ready-made ideas for Christmas gifts, namely:

  • Various sweets are considered very traditional and appropriate as a gift for Christmas. It can be both gift sets of sweets in original craft packaging and original tasting jam sets that will satisfy anyone, even the most fastidious gourmet. Such a gift is an excellent occasion to get together with the whole family for a cup of aromatic tea and a casual conversation. If your loved ones, for one reason or another, do not eat foods containing sugar, then you can always find a tasty and healthy alternative in the form of chocolate or sugar-free peanut butter.
  • Since Christmas is the end of Lent, natural and unusual craft or farm cheeses or smoked meats can be presented to relatives as a gift. When choosing such a present, consider the preferences of the person you are giving a gift to. You probably know what exactly the people close to you like.
  • Another great gift for Christmas is a lovely tea or coffee, especially if you know the gift will be welcomed. If you don’t know exactly which kind of coffee or tea will be preferable, you can opt for gift sets. For example, the Maisky brand offers original gift sets, “It’s so good to be together,” which consist of classic Ceylon black tea and an original cup. Also, an assorted tea set from the Richard Royal Tea Collection trademark or tea sets from other famous and beloved tea brands can be an excellent solution.
  • Giving small symbolic gifts, such as figurines, figurines, and other Christmas symbols, is also appropriate. Give a loved one a guardian angel figure, which will become a symbol of love and care.
  • A curry gift set can also be a great option. Here in the UK, people often buy curry gift sets for their loved ones during Christmas and new year’s eve. A gift set will make their Christmas if you know anyone who loves curry.
  • In Europe, especially in the Uk region, a Handmade candle is a popular gift for Christmas. These candles’ aromas will bring magic to one’s house and add the extra joy of happiness on Christmas eve.
  • A Full coffee bean bag also can be a wise selection for a Christmas gift. In the Uk, most people love to drink coffee. So, it would be an excellent gift for Christmas.
  • Christmas signifies fun and happiness, not just for the elderly but also for the tiny tots. But not all kids like gobbling sweets or understand the value of figurines at such a young age. Hence, they often feel heartbroken when they receive such gifts that hold much more value for adults. That is why they should be gifted something that can brighten up their Christmas! As we all know, nothing makes kids happier than a round of Monopoly or a finger board session. Even better, gift them a swing set or a real-life playhouse. (Note that books can also make fantastic gifts for those children who love being in the world of fiction.)

Choose a gift not only with your mind but also with your heart. Talk to each other about your feelings. Christmas is the best time for this. When a gift is chosen with a soul, it will surely please the one you want to surround with your attention and care.