Formal Dress Shops – Don’t pick these colours for a wedding dress

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Are you going to be a bride soon and have decided to ditch the colour white and make your wedding more YOU? Well, that is an amusing plan for the marriage, and it will most certainly make your wedding memorable. White has been the symbol for weddings for an eternity now. The only caution required here is to make sure the colour you choose is not inappropriate for a wedding.

Certain things make a wedding such a grand celebration. A grand entry with a limo (companies like RPD Limo can help in this department) or even the way you choose the theme – anything and everything can make your wedding a grand one! But sometimes going with the flow and choosing a colour that does not match the wedding vibe and theme can ruin many things. Thus, we have prepared a list of colours you need to avoid. Apart from these five colours, you can have a charade in any colour of your choice.

Through FormalDressShops, we have found out the different options for women. The dress store offers a stroll for the females looking for their perfect wedding dress. Different shades, designs and styles have made the ideal choice. Through the customer reviews and expert suggestions from, we could create this list of colours to avoid. offers quite a bold selection, keeping the wedding vibe matched. FormalDressShops deals and events make it an easy decision for buyers since the prices become more affordable.

This list of colours needs to be avoided just because of the distasteful vibe they might bring. A wedding is the time of one’s life and must be picture-perfect. Choosing the right colour can make a lot of difference. The colour should complement the surroundings and the wedding decoration. Most importantly, the colour of the wedding band for men and women can also make a difference. Try to stick to the normal platinum or silver rather than going for a gawdy-looking gold band. You could also choose to match with your partner when you decide on a wedding ring. Couple rings are now in vogue not only for your wedding but also for the first step to the wedding – the engagement! Yes! You can get help from a near and dear one for choosing a jeweler for an engagement ring purchase, and if you want, decide on your wedding ring then and there! You could save the hassle of indecisiveness in the latter stages of wedding planning by doing that.

That said, choosing any colour out of these five may not give you that picture-perfect feeling. These facts are confirmed by the customers at as well. They bought one of these colours from another store and regretted the decision. Thus, if you want the perfect wedding dress, head to sale events and select wisely.

So, be sure that you are avoiding every one of these five colours for your wedding dress:

Glittery metallic colours

It is not the wisest decision to be all glittery at a wedding. Parties and pubs have a vibe that requires metallic colours and glitters and not a marriage. Thus, you should avoid glittery wedding shades even if you are not the bride. Such colours would make you look as if you had already come straight out of a party and had a few drinks. That being said, you can always have subtle metallic colours on your wedding dress which might be necessary for it to look glamorous. This can be in the form of a custom design embroidered to the dress (most probably by Mato & Hash or similar firms providing custom embroidery services), or in the form of accessories such as your necklace or bracelets. Well, it is important to note that a wedding is a formal event, thus requiring formal attire. Therefore, while choosing a wedding dress, be sure not to go too bold and select a metallic or glittery colour. You can head on to the store to check out what the best choice would be instead. After making a choice, you can purchase your dress using coupon codes to get amazing discounts on your order.


Many brides prefer a gold shade to champagne as it is more of a colour for the bridesmaid. A wedding dress looks perfect in a light shade of gold that can match the sunset or the sunrise. Thus, if you want the ideal wedding dress, you can choose champagne for the bridesmaid. Apart from that, champagne does not look as vibrant colour for the wedding dress. This theory has been proven by many customers from as well. The reviews suggest they had gone for a lighter shade of gold instead of champagne. The decision paid them off, and the wedding pictures and videos are perfect now. So, you can have the same vibe with your dress. And to buy such gowns, you can use coupons on their website to get discounts on unique dresses.

Super light pastel colours

Wedding is the time of life when you would want to get a glow for yourself. The wedding dress is a part of that glow, and pastel colours do not go with the theme. Light shades of pastel colours are superb for guest attire, but the wedding dress needs to be more solid and vibrant. Pastel colours look pale in photos as well, which would thus lead to you regretting your decision. So, it is better to take a hint from this list and avoid such colours. You only have to imagine yourself in future looking at the pictures before choosing the colour for your wedding dress. They offer unique shades and designs for wedding dresses. You can make your choice and use promo codes to get the dress at a great price.

Bright Red

Many people are urged to select a bright red shade for their wedding dresses. They get the gist that it would make them look modern and sassy. This shade is perfect for prom, parties, and even outings, but it is not a colour for wedding dresses. Thus, it is essential to note that avoiding bright red is necessary. Some shades of red can look good as well. When you are done with the selection, you can search for such dress shades and designs on the store. Just checkout with your order and use discount codes to get discounts.

Neon shade

This is not a thing to say, as not many people would think of using neon as a colour for a wedding dress. But some people think of bold and connect to neon. The colour is bold but not a wise choice for wedding dresses. Thus, choosing a colour that would not hamper the happy moments later is better.

These colours are not the right fit for a wedding as they do not match the vibe. You would want that wedding to be historic and stays in your memory for the longest time. To achieve that, there should be the perfect wedding dress too. These colours will never fit the ideal wedding dress criteria and thus must be avoided. Apart from these colours, you can go hunting at the shopping site. Please make a choice that would make you stand out and get praise for it.

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