How to draw a cartoon angel?

draw a cartoon angel

How to draw a cartoon angel. Angels appear in many religions and legends around the world. They offer a sense of comfort to many people because they say they watch people who trust them. There are many different interpretations of how angels are, but an everyday look is for a child to wear a white dress with a floating halo. It is the interpretation in which we will work on this guide on the way of drawing a cartoon angel.

We are sure you will be surprised by what you can do at the end of this guide! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing, and many more cool drawings.

Drawing cartoon angel

Step 1:

As we mentioned in the introduction, a halo is a classic aspect of the interpretation of ordinary angels. Logically, we will begin with a halo. Halo is not particularly complex but may require a little stable hand. It would help if you drew a horizontal oval shape with another interior near the outline.

After this halo shoots, we will pull our hair to the angel. It will be designed using curved and rounded lines to form the shape of the head, as it appears in our example. So we will be ready for step 2!

Step 2:

This stage of our guide on how to draw a cartoon angel will take care of finishing the rest of the outline for hair and face. It will make you ready for the best details in the following steps. First, we will use a series of curved lines that connect to the margin, leading to the rounded ear. So let’s draw the lower face. It can be tracked as an extensive curved line. It’s all we need to do now, and then we can continue.

Step 3:

The cartoon we work on has a beautiful happy facial expression, and that’s what we will draw at this stage. None of the facial features is complicated, and as long as you follow the reference image closely, you will quickly reproduce it! The eyes are two simple curved lines that have growing lashes. They will have eyebrows above them.

Then the nose will also be tracked using a curved line that points on the opposite path. Finally, pull your mouth smiling underneath and add a little chin below.

Step 4:

The head of this angel is complete, and now we will start drawing the arms and chest of the dress he wears. The left arm is suspended and is designed using simple curved lines that culminate in a slightly flat surface at the base. Then you can add a small hand to the sleeve. The right arm is designed in an equally simple style but will be folded in the chest. He will also have a small hand in the end and take care of this quarter step.

Step 5:

It’s almost time to give this angel your wings, but we will first finish the outline of the body at this stage of our guide on how to draw a cartoon angel. The dress is also designed in a simple style and has a contour that forms a slightly curved rectangular shape. Finally, add two rounded feet under the dress, which will do it for this part.

Step 6:

We mentioned that this angel needs his wings, so we will add them to their cartoon design at this stage! At the moment, we will draw the wing on the right side. This wing will be drawn using long, thin, rounded shapes to form individual penalties. Once this wing is drawn, we will add the next and the last details for the next step.

Step 7:

Your angel still needs the second wing, and let’s add it now! It will go left and will also have individual penalties that are designed as thin, rounded shapes. When this second wing is over, you will be ready for the last step! You can also add an excellent heavenly background and additional details to customize this drawing further. So it’s time for a specific colour!

Step 8:

The last step of this guide on drawing a cartoon angel is to add colours to finish it well. In our reference image, we show how we colour this beautiful design. We wear brown hair while we wear a very soft blue for the dress. Of course, we ended with a beautiful, lively yellow for the halo. These are the colours we would use, but you must certainly use all the colours and means that, in your opinion, would be great on this angel!

See how you can make your cartoon angel drawing even better.

Make your exciting sketch cart even more paradise with the help of these tips! Angels are often associated with light and brightness, and this is something you can add to the drawing of a cartoon angel. If you like, making a digital drawing and printing it out could make for a great decor piece to highlight a little one’s bedroom or even the living room. Along with this excellent drawing, you could get custom neon signs with angelic slogans in soft colours from the likes of Neon Mama and hang them on the mantel.

The picture would be better represented with soft colours. An excellent way to do this would be to use a light yellow made with watercolours around this cartoon. It would be a great way to create the illusion of a sweet glow, but there are other ways to represent it. Still following our previous advice, there are several ways to use fun art and art tools to improve your work. One way would be to make your angel brilliant!

It can be done with glitter or glitter glue. It would make the image bright and add texture to the image you can feel. What other techniques could you use to make this cartoon shine? Angels often represent singing in choirs; you can represent it in your cartoon design! To do this, you can add some additional angels following the guide again. However, everyone may seem unique by modifying some details about each angel. It can be as simple as certain facial expressions or changes in the installation of each angel.

Finally, we think it would be wonderful to create a background for your cartoon outline. It is something you could do if you added more angel characters or not. Adding swollen clouds and soothing light colours can easily portray a background. You can even use cotton to be around the angel to make the clouds soft to the touch! Are there any other antecedents that you can also choose to choose?

Your cartoon angel drawing is complete!

We hope that working on this guide on how to draw a cartoon angel created a fun and relaxing mood that corresponded to the feeling that this image emits! As long as you follow all the steps and take your time, we know that you will do a fantastic job in this angel. So when you are ready to test your artistic skills in a new guide, you can find new drawing guides to enjoy on our site! We often download new ones, so the pleasure will not end at any time!