New Modern Luxury Kitchen Cabinet and Gas Stoves

Kitchen Cabinet

A perfect Kitchen Cabinet design should be functional, family-friendly, and luxurious. When you invest in a space with your hard-earned money, you aim to get functional and communal kitchen appliances and cabinets.

Every family is different, and so does their definition of a perfect kitchen, but getting comfort and convenience is a common interest of all households. Here we will take you through some modern and intriguing kitchen cabinet and gas stove design ideas.

Why are Modern Kitchens appreciated?

Before taking you to the design realm, discussing why you should opt for a modern kitchen design is essential. The kitchen is not just intended to cook; it is a central hub of family gatherings, long gossip, and precious memories you can cherish forever. Modern kitchen designs embrace cultural, creative, and aesthetic norms.

The modern luxury kitchen serves every household’s aesthetic and functional needs. They are endlessly popular because of the integration of technology and customization. These modern kitchens are generally equipped with high-end appliances like refrigerators, food processors, microwave ovens, and dishwashers. In the modern world, people are increasingly transforming traditional kitchens into sleek ones. To accomplish this, they typically hire specialists to renovate the kitchen. An interior designer can be hired to design the kitchen, an electrician for wiring and appliance hookup, and a plumber to fix the pipes and water supply. That said, it may not be easy to create a modern luxury kitchen as it requires both homeowners’ and professionals’ efforts.

The simplicity in texture and design is defined by using natural structures, such as stone-like tiles, marble benchtops, and untreated concrete walls. Moreover, modern kitchens offer longevity which is hard to get these days. Such designs will always be in trend, pledging long-term value.

Installation of Modern Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are always preferred for functional and modern kitchens because they offer excellent performance and precise heat control. A gas stove is a lifeline for an avid cook, so make sure you opt for a perfect one.

Keeping these four things in mind will get you an ideal gas stove;

  • What size and shape of stove suit your kitchen?
  • How many occupants do you have?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you know the installation requirements?

If you live alone, an induction stove would be enough. However, you will need a gas stove with sufficient cooking space if you have a large family. You would come across several good quality gas stoves that suit your kitchen size and budget.

Most importantly, a professional should always install the gas stove to avert any mishap, such as dangerous leakage. Electric stoves are easy to install, but when it comes to gas stoves, you need a complete guide, and chances of loopholes are here. So the best in your interest is to hire a professional to install the gas stove. Moreover, he may help you get a cp 12, which is the first thing you should do after installing gas stoves. Keep in mind that without the help of an expert, you might be at risk of damaging your gas stove. Needless to say, without proper safety gear, you might also be jeopardizing your own safety.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Imagine buying the house of your dreams (by taking the help of real estate firms like Royal LePage) with your hard-earned money. In such a case, you would definitely want to make it appear aesthetically pleasing. Hence, you would do everything in your power to make it look the way you want it. Chances are that in the process, you would end up being overwhelmed by the plethora of options available, which is why, it would be a great idea to consult an interior designer. Their extensive knowledge in this field can allow you to opt for the right choices.

For instance, the expert can tell which kinds of kitchen cabinet designs can significantly affect the kitchen’s overall look. Moreover, they can enlighten you on how new cabinet trends can be preferred options (they give a minimalist look-sleek, streamlined and industrial appeal).

However, if you do not want to consider seeking the help of interior designers, then you can go through some of the key cabinet design features that we have shared here. These will help you decide whether they are ideal for your household.

  • Flat Surface Cabinets with Grooves

Modern kitchen cabinets favour smooth surfaces, either plain or having some geometric forms. Modern cabinets have no ornamentation yet put a premium on functionality.

Another element of modern cabinets is the use of sharp lines to produce distinct forms. Mostly horizontal lines are preferred, for instance, grooves on the cabinet face or a strip tile backsplash highlighting kitchen cabinetry, long cabinet hardware, or on the stacks of drawers.

Traditionally, the horizontal graining pattern on panels and doors was in fashion, but modern cabinetry trends follow the reverse; horizontal grain orientation and sometimes grooves are used to match the horizontal patterns.

  • Elegant Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinet doors also follow a simple yet elegant look. These doors are most often composed of angular lines and have plane surfaces, making it easy for cabinet painting and cabinet refinishing jobs. This means, getting a new look every now and then with just paint is quite convenient.

  • Flat Panel Cabinets

Flat panel cabinet doors characterized by frameless appearance are most commonly used in kitchens. It is also known as slab door style because it consists of a single slab of wood with no ornamentation.

  • Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

Some cabinet doors also follow a full overlay style, which means they entirely overlap or overlay the carcass (cabinet box). These are termed frameless kitchen cabinets because there are no frames between the cabinet doors. All the cabinets are equally spaced, resulting in a smooth transition between all the drawers and cabinets.

  • Frosted Glass Cabinets

Modern luxurious cabinet doors also use frosted glass to liven up the aura of the kitchen. Some also go for shaker glass, but this type of design is less common as people tend to embrace the transitional theme instead of a modern one.

Modern Cabinets Material

Traditionally, natural material such as wood was used to construct cabinets. People come across different material choices; MDF, glass, plastic, stainless steel, and aluminium.

Sometimes, these materials are mixed to create a novel look, such as frosted glass in an aluminium frame. In wood, the horizontal graining pattern is widely used in modern kitchens. Such cabinets also use finishes to create a fresher, brighter, and enhanced vibe. If you’re unsure of what material works best for your apartment, then you could always seek professional help. An apartment design specialist or a kitchen contractor could help you pick out the right material for your modern kitchen. The right material can not only look like a piece with the rest of your home but also make your kitchen stand out in particular.

Modern Cabinet Hardware

Sleek hardware is another prominent feature of modern cabinetry. They are mostly installed at the centre of cabinet doors or take the entire length of the cabinet door to emphasize the lines. Moreover, they lack decorative elements, such as motifs, etchings, or engravings.


The modern yet functional kitchen is an essence of a perfect home. Modern kitchen cabinet trends shifted from natural materials to synthetics, such as MDF, glass, plastic, etc. Today, people tend to lean towards flat, simple, and clean kitchen cabinetry without compromising on elegance and functionality.

Every household has different needs; perhaps, a cabinet with invisible knobs and handles is the correct definition of the perfect kitchen for you. Maybe another family prefers a comfy environment with open shelving.

If a modern luxury kitchen does not serve all your needs, it is not worth your investment. Understand your needs first, then pen down ideas that can satisfy your prescribed needs.