How do you plan a wedding on a budget in south and west Delhi?

wedding on a budget

When you get engaged, you are on top of the world as you try to arrange the most spectacular and lavish wedding of your life. You would resent me for forcing reality upon you, but we must all confront the facts. Following the knot, Without including the honeymoon, the average wedding in the US costs $19,000. You might feel under pressure to organize a lavish event because your wedding is one of the happiest days of your life. If you look at the numbers, you may be tempted to elope or do it solely in the courtroom for financial reasons.

You are correct, but what if it’s not what you had hoped for? After all, the heart wants what the heart desires. If you’ve never organized a big event, it might be challenging to determine your wedding budget. Sometimes a couple’s ideal wedding is out of their price range. There is no reason to incur debt. And about your financial situation, trust me, it will never be a barrier to your dream wedding. 

Plan your wedding on a budget

  • Decide your vision for the wedding.

Firstly, be clear about your vision when imagining your wedding. Having a floral decor, grand reception, or a backyard barbecue with all of your loved ones? Specific reception inside a banquet hall in south Delhi

Think about all the weddings you’ve attended, watched on television, or browsed through on Pinterest if you need more ideas. What possessed them that you liked or disliked? Get distracted from the minor details for the time being. Instead, consider the atmosphere you want your wedding to exude. Knowing your priorities is essential during budget wedding planning.

  • Make a budget

What should you budget for your wedding? Here are the recommended budgets for each category. Making a budget with your future spouse will set the stage for fantastic date nights when you get married. Compared to paying for your wedding on your fifth anniversary, it’s simpler.

I recommend categorizing the entire wedding budget and determining what percentage to allocate to each category:

  • Reception: 55%
  • Ceremony: 12%
  • Photographic: 10%
  • Wedding consultant: 10%
  • Tux and dress: 8%
  • Cushion and other: 5%

Your priorities should guide how you set your ratios. Perhaps you don’t care for flowers, but you’re willing to spend a lot on photographs. Change the percentages if one area is more important to you than another.

  • Decide what is non-negotiable. 

Take a moment with your fiancé to select your top three must-haves for your wedding day based on your percentages. They can be functional or completely frivolous: an outdoor reception, a plated surf and turf meal, tonnes of flowers, a live jazz band—whatever is most important to you. You can make your wish lists separately or together, but sit down and figure out what you both want. Allow your vision to guide your budget.

  • Budget Breakdown for a Wedding

First and foremost, give your budget some breathing room. Unexpected costs will develop, so expect your budget to change throughout the planning process. Take surprises into account by including a little cushion. This gives you the freedom to deal with any unexpected expenses. A wedding is a big occasion to plan, so knowing what you can have for a specific price is useful.

  • Limit the number of guests.

Sometimes less is more! You might be tempted to create a guest list as extensive as the one for the royal wedding, but consider this: every person is an expense. It may appear harsh, but it is real, you guys! Each addition to your guest list raises the overall expense of your wedding. You can plan a smaller, more personal wedding to save money. If the number of people attending your wedding isn’t crucial to you and your fiancé, try reducing your guest list by 20% and then another 20%. Alternatively, invite more guests to the wedding ceremony and hold a smaller reception with your closest relatives and friends.

  • The ceremony or reception at home or outside.

A venue is a major part of the wedding. Finalising a venue means you’ve completed half of your wedding prep. On the other side, it also causes a lot of stress that decides what you have in your mind regarding the venue.

Whether you’d like to save money and plan the wedding in your own home, a parent’s home, or a public park, an outdoor ceremony and reception are something that has a lot of scope for decor and a high chance that they’ll look incredible or you can find a cheap banquet hall in west Delhi.

Have a solid backup plan if you decide to hold an outdoor event. Now that you know how to plan a wedding on a budget make sure you stick to these tips and plan the wedding of your dreams on a budget.