Sandakphu Trek: An Amazing Bucket List Adventure

Sandakphu Trek

The Sandakphu trek in West Bengal, India, is an incredible experience you’ll never forget. The views you’ll see on this mountain are some of the most stunning you’ll find anywhere on Earth. You’ll be able to see the Kanchenjunga Himalayan Range, which makes this Sandakphu trek one of the highest in India and one of the most well-known adventure treks in the world. Here are three reasons why your bucket list should include this breathtaking sandakphu trek in 2023.

Why Go on a Trip at All?

The first question to ask yourself is why you want to go on a trip at all. Is it because you’re tired of your daily routine? Do you need a break from work or school? Does your job require you to be in one place and your heart somewhere else? Whatever your reasons, getting away for a bit can do wonders for your mind and body. Whether you take a workcation and go glamping in the mountains with a delightful view, or take time off and go on an arduous, adrenaline-filled trek-a vacation helps you recharge and feel alive again. We’ve found that time spent on travel always comes back around in unexpected ways.

What Should You Pack?

Packing for an epic trek takes some skill. Trekking in Nepal requires you to pack light but bring everything you might need. If you’re looking to do your first-ever hike or explore some trails off the beaten path, there are plenty of things you should and shouldn’t pack for a once-in-a-lifetime trek through the Himalayan foothills. Here are some of our recommendations. For more information on packing for Nepal, check out our page about what to pack when traveling in Nepal.

Planning the Perfect Itinerary

When you’re planning a bucket list trip, you want to ensure that you have a perfect itinerary. To do so, begin by deciding which mountain peaks you’d like to climb-and then make sure each of those peaks falls on a different day. This will prevent fatigue and keep your group fresh for every excursion. Additionally, plan at least one rest day between each peak-climbing expedition; it’s essential to give your body time to recover from its exertions before hitting another trail. And finally, don’t forget about safety! Be sure that all party members are well-versed in basic climbing techniques and first aid procedures. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

The Best Time of Year to Go

The year-round temperature in Darjeeling is mild, with an average comfortable low of 51 degrees and a high of 68. The summer months are best for trekking around Sandakphu when temperatures are more relaxed and monsoon rains aren’t in full swing.

When Should You Book?

If you’re considering taking a trip to Nepal in 2020, you should book your trip as soon as possible. Booking ahead can save you hundreds of dollars on accommodation and transportation costs, not to mention that some accommodations only have a certain number of rooms available per night. If your schedule isn’t set, why risk paying more? Make reservations now!

How Long Should You Take?

Anytime you travel to a new country, it helps to know how long your visa will allow you to stay. And if you’re planning on trekking in Nepal, know that Nepalese tickets aren’t renewable. Make sure you account for any additional time needed if your visa expires in Nepal. The trek takes 4-5 days (depending on where on Mt. Kanchenjunga Base Camp or not), so plan accordingly!

What Kind of Camera Gear Do I Need?

The first and most important thing to consider before taking a Sandakphu trek is camera gear. This beautiful mountain range is stunning, so you’ll want a quality camera that takes excellent pictures. No matter what camera you take with you, you’ll need some basic things for all treks: a zoom lens, extra batteries, and memory cards. In addition to these basics, there are other things worth considering for your trip up Mt.

What if I Don’t Have Enough Money?

Are you worried about not having enough money for a trip like Sandakphu trek? There are many ways to save money when traveling, but there’s no reason to fear a lack of funds. A well-planned trip means you won’t run out of money halfway through your vacation and return home because you don’t have enough cash. Read on for some great tips on stretching your travel budget when going on a fantastic adventure.