The Top 5 Things to Do With Your Burj Khalifa Ticket

Burj Khalifa

Your Burj Khalifa ticket gives you access to the tallest building in the world, but what if you’re not into visiting observation decks or taking selfies with the world’s largest manufactured fountain? Don’t worry! There are plenty of other things to do in Dubai, and since it’s your first time visiting, why not make the most of your Burj Khalifa ticket?

Observation Deck

The observation deck is located on level 124 and is accessible by elevator. Tickets cost 25 dirhams (US$6.60) for a timed-entry ticket, with access between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., or 40 dirhams ($10) for a non-timed entry ticket which includes access at any time during those hours, as well as free entry to Souk al Bahar and Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo; Souk al Bahar closes at 6 p.m., so make sure you arrive in time! If you plan on visiting only The Dubai Mall, don’t buy your tickets here—get them at The Dubai Mall instead!

 Hop on the Slide!

After ascending one of these mammoth skyscrapers, you’ll probably have some pent-up energy. One unique attraction within Dubai’s tallest building is an indoor slide that doubles as a working freight elevator. Riders can toboggan up and down at speeds of up to 16 feet per second. There are even floor-to-ceiling windows so you can take in views of Dubai as you slip through. So go ahead: Have some fun with your Burj Khalifa ticket! It’s worth it for a laugh or two. Don’t forget to get back on track before you reach street level again. If nothing else, do it for all those poor souls waiting behind you online!

Hot air balloon ride

At 1,000 feet high, you’ll be able to take given Dubai that few have seen before. While at it, you can also see your hotel on The Palm and beyond. Remember that if you booked with a tour operator, you’d be taking part in an organized trip where transportation and breakfast are included. It will be easier—and potentially cheaper—to book through your travel agent or by contacting a company like Balloons Above Dubai.

 Go Shopping

If you’re visiting Dubai for a few days, you’ll probably want to do some shopping. You can purchase all kinds of goods in several locations, including gold and leather, but it’s best to know what types of things you’re looking for before traveling. Deira City Centre is the most popular location because it has everything from clothes and accessories to electronics and souvenirs. If you’re looking for luxury brands like Gucci or Fendi, head to the Mall of Emirates, which has several popular designer shops. Other things that people often buy while in Dubai include ceramics, glassware, and gold.

Embrace Culture

Dubai comprises over 200 nationalities, with many coming from Middle Eastern countries. When traveling with a loved one or family, taking time to experience local culture can be rewarding and enjoyable. From enjoying traditional Arabic food and music performances to trying conventional Arabian body treatments like henna painting on your hands or feet – there are a lot of unique experiences you can have in Dubai that you’ll never forget. If you plan on seeing Dubai alone instead of bringing someone along, visit one of Dubai’s museums or architectural sites like Sheikh Zayed Mosque or World Islands. Or if it’s nice weather outside when you visit, rent a bike and explore downtown Dubai on two wheels!

 Go Clubbing in Dubai

If you’re going clubbing in Dubai, you want to look your best; however, you won’t have a full-size mirror. Try buying a compact mirror beforehand and bringing it with you. Check yourself out before leaving your hotel room and ensure your hair is neat, clothes are clean, and any makeup/jewelry is in place. These minor adjustments will help boost your confidence to enter such a big venue. Finally, try not to overdo it with alcohol, as it can leave you feeling hungover for most of your day at work! Have fun but stay safe!

Get ready for your night out.

Make sure that you’ve gotten everything ready for your evening out. Wear nice clothes and put on some lipstick or gloss (depending on how fancy you plan on getting). You may also want to bring a compact mirror to check how things look before heading out. It may be challenging to get used to wearing heels if you usually wear flats or sneakers, so take extra care when walking around until they feel comfortable enough for dancing all night long!