7 Reasons You Need To Learn Overhead Sweep in BJJ

Sweep in BJJ

BJJ is an extreme grappling game where you must control the opponent’s body using chokes and holds. Most people feel BJJ is one of the most complex martial arts techniques where you must use a mix of any fundamental martial arts style like boxing, judo, or karate and then learn some extra techniques for much better control. Since you will be using the fundamentals of one martial arts style and then using this as a foundation to add some grappling and controlling techniques, you need to be very sure that you practice them well.

One thing that ultimately makes the BJJ style stand out is that you will have grappling techniques, including the famous locking and choking types, that work for the perfect secondary and primary defense methods. BJJ is not just the ideal martial arts style but offers you good defense in the streets. However, to execute BJJ in the best possible way, you have to stay alert because you have to plan a good strategy, implement it, and improvise according to the opponent.

BJJ is known as human chess because of the situation’s complexity, more groundwork, and extremely grappling techniques. As an intense martial arts technique, you will be required to have complete control over your body and then use your body to have complete control over your opponent’s body. In most cases, this control is acquired by using chokes, holds, and locks on different body parts. This can be initiated from simple leg-locking techniques and escalate further when you use other methods to gain dominance. Overhead Sweep is one of BJJ’s most basic styles of getting complete control and power.

With the help of this article, we will know in detail about the Overhead Sweep. We will also understand how you can use it and why you should do it. Finally, we will also talk about some of the best benefits that are linked with the use of Overhead Sweep.

What Is A Sweep?

Sweep is a controlling technique that is linked with the grappling style. With the help of a sweep, you can have control over an opponent’s body, and then you can move to a dominant position. The idea is to use an imbalance technique to limit the opponent’s control over the body. Then you need to know which point can work as leverage so you can release the opponent’s posture. Finally, you get to pull off, so the opponent doesn’t stay on the ground instead, he feels restricted because of the movement and the body restrictions.

What Is Over Head Sweep?

Now that you know what sweep is and how it can help you control the opponent’s body, you also need to understand how to use an overhead sweep and how it differs from the simple sweep. With the overhead sweep, you have to find the opponent’s center of gravity. Then you will gently fix yourself under the center of gravity of your opponent, lift him and use total energy to flip them over their head. This will be identical to the summersault, and the time they adjust and understand what’s going on can be used to gain complete control.

What are the benefits of Overhead Sweep in BJJ?

The Overhead Sweep helps you get a more dominant position by playing the offense. Where most people think about playing the defensive hand, only a few exert energy to play a little offensive. With the help of Overhead Sweep in BJJ, you will get the leverage to play full offensive.    

The Overhead Sweep offers a much better room of control. You will notice that while other methods will only provide you control over your hands, legs, or neck, this will offer you more attacking room.

· The Overhead Sweep can be used to tackle any form of guard. Most people like to play guard at the very beginning of the game. Utilizing a guard might be an excellent technique to stay in control of the body, but with the sweep, you can also beat that.       

The Overhead Sweep can instantly throw your opponent on the back foot, offering you a much dominant position and control.

The Overhead Sweep can be played against any guard style with multiple moves and better controls and moves. If you want to use a comprehensive manner, you will likely get various opportunities within the first few minutes of the fight.        

The sweep can be mixed with multiple guards for an excellent attacking technique. You will eventually notice that no matter what kind of opponent you encounter, there is always room for using the sweep technique.

Since overhead sweep helps you cater to almost every guard style, it is a sweep style that everyone must learn.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, there are so many sweeping techniques, and each style has its own significance. Most sweeping tones are restricted and will make you feel trapped. The goal is to learn multiple techniques and eventually pick the one that suits the situation. To make an effective decision, you have to be very alert, and you also need to know which technique will be better at what time. It would be best to make sudden decisions, from controlling the opponent to executing the right sweep style.

With so many sweeping types, experts believe that overheard comprehensive technique is one of the must-learn techniques. You have to ensure that with the right balance of power and energy, you offer enough predictability to play off any guard. This requires complete control of body and mind and mastering the techniques. The best way to practice is to start without an opponent with a long punching bag and then use an opponent with equal height and weight to see if you can use your body correctly against your opponent.