8 Reasons why you need to host your wedding at a resort/hotel


A wedding is a ritual of celebrating the union of 2 people by exchanging vows in the presence of close family members, friends, and other relatives. The moment in which a couple of exchanges vows is one of the most precious moments they wish to cherish throughout their lives, so many couples are opting for destination weddings and choosing exotic locations. 

Vrindavan is the Ultimate destination for hosting a wedding.

The marriage ceremony is considered a very pious function in every religion. It is very important, especially in Hindu Marriages, cause every event is organised duly as per the Sanatan Dharma’s rules and regulations. Every action is performed under the guidance of brahmins and pandits; they constantly chant various shlokas and mantras from the holy Hindu grant. The vows are exchanged by revolving around the pious Agni; everything is done to seek the blessings of God, so what could be better than hosting a wedding in the birthplace of lord Shri Krishna, in the braj-bhoomi, Vrindavan?

If you are also planning to host a destination wedding, Vrindavan could be one of the best options because there are several resorts in Vrindavan for marriage.

And resorts in Vrindavan for marriage are pocket-friendly as well. It won’t cost you much, but any other exotic location will surely be high on your budget. If you consider hosting your wedding at any of the resorts in Vrindavan for marriage, there is a high chance it will be relatively inexpensive.

Why choose any of the resorts in Vrindavan for marriage? 

  • It is a religiously very pious land for people belonging to the Hindu community; it is the birthplace of lord Shri Krishna.
  • Beautiful location, Vrindavan can be reached via Mathura both these cities are situated in the heart of the Braj-Bhoomi, near the Yamuna river.
  • Resorts in Vrindavan for marriage are easily available.
  • There are so many resorts in Vrindavan for marriage to choose from. One can always select the resort as per the need and requirements.
  • No place is better than Vrindavan to seek blessings of the almighty because it’s God’s land.

Every couple dreams of a marriage ceremony that is unique and stunning in its way, which could be remembered by everyone who attends it. When it comes to executing the dream wedding, it becomes very hectic right from the planning process to organising, managing, cooperating and finally executing it. Nowadays, everyone is busy and needs more time to invest in these processes, so people choose to host a wedding at any resort/hotel. And hosting the wedding at any of the resorts in Vrindavan for marriage will be the best decision regarding the venue.

The followings are the reasons why you should host your wedding at a resort/hotel:-

1. Easy Accommodation:- 

Hundreds of guests are invited to any Indian wedding or, as we call it, the Big fat Indian wedding; close family members, relatives and friends from different cities and even from different countries come to attend the event. And accommodating hundreds of people while managing a big affair like a marriage ceremony is a different and tiresome task. Honestly, it is the most difficult thing to handle. Hosting a wedding at any resort/hotel solves this problem. Everything is managed by the hotel and members, from accommodation to welcoming and taking care of your guest’s beers. 

It becomes much easier for us to leave the accommodation duty to the resort/hotel staff and focus on other arrangements. And for guests, it is also very overwhelming because they can relax and enjoy the wedding without any discomfort of not being attended properly cause there’s always staff and members to resolve any issue. Resorts in Vrindavan for marriage are available in different sizes; you can book them as needed.

2. Food and Catering Services:- 

After sorting out the accommodation of guests next big problem arises regarding the food that will be served throughout the wedding on different occasions, it is almost impossible for us to sit down and make a list of every item that will be served to guests throughout the wedding and we can’t even take care of every guest personally, but if we book any resorts/hotel they will provide the best catering service possible and prepare the menu as per our wish and demand, they do allow customisations to their menus and by their suggestion and help we can select the best suitable menu as per our taste and budget. Sweets are an inseparable part of any wedding, and resorts in Vrindavan for marriage could be great because Vrindavan is famous for its sweets.

3. Decorations:-

 If we organise the wedding at our home, we have to call various other artisans to decorate the venue, different florists, different lightmen, different electricians, etc. And managing them separately is a hectic task. We may not get the decoration we have demanded due to their lack of cooperation. Nothing can’t be changed last moment, it’s better to avoid this chaos from the beginning, and this can be done by organising the wedding at any resort/hotel. 

They provide decoration services, and we don’t have to rush to different people for the same task, saving us lots of Time, effort, energy and money. And the best part is they are always ready for customisations so one can decorate their wedding venue just as they have dreamt.

4. Cost-Effective:- 

Every city in India is congested, and there’s literally no space left for organising any event smoothly, but somehow if you manage to find a spot in the city, it would be too expensive on the other hand, resorts and hotels are usually located on the outskirts of town that’s why they can be booked by paying less amount. Plus, if we get the catering, decoration, and accommodation in the same place, we might also get discounts, which will save us lots of money. Resorts in Vrindavan for marriage are available in different price ranges; you can opt for the one which suits your budget.

5. Saves Time:- 

Time is money, and planning a wedding requires so much Time, patience and intensive research, but resorts and hotels do provide on-site wedding planners who help us in the entire planning process and save our Time, and we don’t have to involve ourselves in the intensive research process required to find out ways to organise every wedding event in the best possible way. It also saves the travelling Time of guests as well as the organisers. 

6. Various venues at the same place:- 

Any Indian wedding means many events, mehendi, sangeet, haldi, Shadi, vidaai,.and then reception. Every event’s theme and vibe differ, so they require different setups and venues, and it is impossible to organise every event with different themes at home. Still, resorts and hotels provide us with plenty of venue options, and that too at the same place.

7. Holiday-like exotic experience:- 

Usually, the big fat Indian weddings prove to be very hectic and tiring for those hosting the wedding as well as the guests, and due to this reason, many avoid attending marriages in wedding seasons, but if the wedding will be hosted at any resorts in Vrindavan for marriages then the experience would be great for everyone. Resorts in Vrindavan for marriage are so beautiful that after attending

8. Private and Intimate: 

Marriages are very intimate for every couple, and sometimes they intend to keep it subtle and hassle-free by only inviting close family members. In such situations hosting a wedding at resorts and hotels can be life-saving. There is no hustle and bustle in anything; everything is organised so smoothly, easily and perfectly.


For smoothly organising a wedding, hosting the wedding at any resort/hotel is a great idea; there are various reasons in support of hosting the wedding at a resort/hotel, which are listed above, and when it comes to deciding the location, nothing can beat Vrindavan, it’s like any wholesome package where you get everything, right from decorations of your own choice to your favourite menu at any of the resorts in Vrindavan for marriage, everything will be perfectly organised in the budget which is 30% less than the budget estimated to cost for hosting the same wedding at home.