How To Draw An Eyebrow?

draw an eyebrow

Draw an eyebrow in just eight easy steps! Eyebrows are a big part of how we show facial expressions. They can show if someone is feeling sad, happy, or surprised! We see thousands of eyebrows in our lives, and they are so common that you may start to take them for granted. You would think that since we see them on our faces and other people’s faces so often every day, they would be easy to draw! pencil drawing

This is not necessarily the case, as getting them to look right can be challenging. With this step-by-step guide on drawing an eyebrow, we will show you that it can be straightforward if you know how to do it!

How to draw an eyebrow – allow contact to be formed!

Step 1

To start our guide on drawing an eyebrow, we will draw a guide shape to help remove the eyebrow correctly later. To begin with, you should use a lighter coloured pencil to mark the form you see in the reference image. This form is created up of curved and linear sequences, and we’re operating a pencil nowadays because you can obliterate it after. The contact photo will show you how it should examine before restarting.

Step 2: Now, you can begin removing the ears.

Eyebrows do not have a solid shape but are made up of much smaller hairs. When drawing the eyebrows, you can start adding some of these hairs. Using the outline you drew in the previous step, carefully add a few small straight lines from the left corner of the brow. They shouldn’t be too close together, and the reference image will give you an idea of ​​how much space there should be between them.

Step 3: Next, you can add more fibres

In the next step of our tutorial on drawing an eyebrow, we removed the eyebrow outline with a pencil to show you how it will look at the end, but I recommend keeping the design until the end of your drawing. Picture. In the meantime, continue adding more lines like the ones you’ve already drawn, moving further down the length of the brow.

Step 4: Continue adding hair to the eyebrow.

We will not continue with hair extensions at this stage of drawing the eyebrows. Instead, add more hairs like the ones you drew in the top corner of the brow planning image. This will help keep the shape of the brows as well as a consistent flow of hair as you move forward.

Step 5: Next, let’s draw more hair.

Your brow pattern is starting to shape well, so let’s get on! For this step, draw more hair lines from the earlier removed section and continue along the eyebrow. As you can see from the reference image and the guidelines you drew in step 1, the width of the brow will get much thinner as you go.

Step 6: Now, you can draw the upper eyebrow hairs.

We’ve drawn the extreme left and right sides of your eyebrow, so in the next few steps of our eyebrow drawing guide, we’ll connect them with the middle part. For this step, add some thinner lines from the top of the left brow and continue along the top guideline up to the right.

Step 7: Following, draw the last pieces.

Your eyebrow drawing is so close to being finished! As you can see in your picture, there is one space left, and I’m sure you can guess what we’ll be doing in this space! Add another strand of hair to this space, as shown in the reference image, to complete the brow. Once you’re happy with how it looks, you must erase the shape of the pencil guide you drew in the first step. If you used an eyebrow pencil, be sure to let the ink dry before you start erasing the pencil lines!

Step 8: Now complete the brow with colour.

Your eyebrow drawing is almost complete with the last added hairs and erased pencil! It remains only to add beautiful colour to it. In our reference image, we’ve also shown where the eye is under the brow. If you’re feeling very creative, you can use this image to draw the watch under the brow! Once you’ve decided on some colours and additional brow details, the last thing to decide is what kind of artistic medium you’ll be using to complete them! Whether you approach painting with acrylics or watercolours or prefer the bold colour details of coloured pens and pencils, we know it will look great! We can’t wait to visit what blooms you select.

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