Soccer Award Ideas Creative and Fun


Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, with millions of people playing the sport for fun and for competition. Whether you are a coach, parent, or player, you know that soccer awards are essential to any soccer season. They are a great way to recognize the hard work and effort of the players, motivate them to continue playing the sport, and create a fun and friendly atmosphere.

There are many different types of soccer awards for kids who are under in the soccer lesson, ranging from traditional trophies to more creative and fun ideas. Here are some of the most famous soccer award ideas for young players:

Charitable Awards

Charitable awards are a great way to recognize young players’ efforts and give back to the community. Some examples of charitable awards include donating money to a local charity, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, or participating in a community clean-up event.

Captured Moments

Captured moments awards recognize the highlights of the soccer season training for kids, including the best goals, the most impressive saves, and the funniest moments. These awards are usually given out at the end of the season and can be in the form of a photo album or a scrapbook.

Class Clown

Class clown awards recognize the players who bring humour and laughter to the team. These awards are usually given to the players who make the team laugh the most and bring a positive and lighthearted atmosphere to the field.

Prom King/Queen

Prom king and queen awards are similar to class clown awards but are given to the team’s most popular and well-liked players. These awards can be given out at the end of the season or at a team party.

Team Player

Team player awards are given to the players who consistently work well with their teammates and help build a solid and cohesive team. These awards can be given out at the end of the season or at a team party.

Best Dressed

Best-dressed awards are given to the players who always look their best on the field. These awards can be given out at the end of the season or at a team party.

Which Are Some Of The Ways To Get Soccer Awards?

There are many ways to get soccer awards, ranging from donations to personalizing the trophy. Here are some of the most popular ways to get soccer awards:


One of the most common ways to get soccer awards is through donations. Many organizations and businesses will donate money or materials to support soccer coaching in the Sydney team or league. You can also reach out to your local community for support and ask for donations from friends and family.

Personalize The Trophy

Personalizing the trophy is a great way to make the awards more meaningful and memorable. There are many ways to personalize a trophy, including adding a personalized plate, engraved names, custom shapes, or designs.

Practice Raffles & Contests

Practice raffles and contests are a fun way to get soccer awards. You can offer prizes to the players who perform best during practice or hold a raffle or contest to determine the winners.


Fundraisers are a great way to win soccer awards and support your team or league. You can organize a fundraiser such as a car wash, bake sale, or silent auction to raise money for your awards.

How Can You Personalize A Trophy

Personalizing a trophy is a great way to make the awards more meaningful and memorable. Here are some of the most popular ways.

Personalized Plates

Personalize the plates with the winner’s details as your first step.

If you are personalizing trophies, you can make the plates larger than usual (so that everyone can see who won), and you should also include customized phrases or images.

Be sure to choose personalized plates that correspond with your event; if your awards are for youngsters, you can be playful. If these are awards for adults, you could consider becoming more official.

Engraved Names

Next, engrave each recipient’s name on the award itself. This will demonstrate that they brought home a personalized award, which will urge them to continue working hard.

Custom Shapes

Finally, you can also customize the shape of your award. If you’re using an award as an incentive, it may be better to stay with something simple and pleasant, such as a beloved figure or animal, for a child’s award.

For older children, customized shapes are more suited. Remember that not all rewards must be trophies, but you can utilize instructions for producing soccer trophies at home.

Other award alternatives, such as jerseys or medals, are just as valuable; in fact, they will provide your players with greater motivation than trophies, as they will be able to flaunt their achievements by wearing these items in public.

Custom Design

If you have a little more budget, try customizing the style of your award as well. You can even incorporate soccer- or sports-related elements, such as balls and netting.

Regardless of the alterations you choose for your winners’ medals, these personalized trophies will be a simple method to motivate your participants to achieve their objectives.


The customized award also makes a significant difference since children adore receiving something unique created just for them.

You Make My Heart Sing Award

This is another outstanding award for older children, but adults can also benefit from it.

This style of trophy can be awarded during a special ceremony in front of the entire team or passed around while the winner’s name is read off a piece of paper while everyone closes their eyes.

The outcome will be equally satisfying either way.

Best Smile Award

Besides having fun, smiling is one of the most effective strategies to maintain a positive attitude when playing sports – especially if you score at the final second! Therefore, why not award this?

It could also serve as a motivation to rehearse gym class shouts.

The Perfect 10 Award

This award is ideal for older children and adults since it recognizes their commitment to being in peak mental and physical condition, two of the essential aspects of playing soccer at any level.

This trophy style can be customized with photographs; thus, you should read the article on creating football awards.

Most Valuable Player Award

This is likely to be one of the most popular awards your team receives, especially if they demonstrate sportsmanship.

This trophy could be awarded at various times throughout the year, but considering the amount of effort that goes into playing soccer, it may be more meaningful after a tournament.

Perfect Attendance Award

Another motivational award that fits well with the “Perfect 10” award is perfect attendance, meaning that all practices and games must be attended (or matches, depending on what you call them).

You can’t win this trophy if you’ve missed a few practices yourself, so send your players encouraging comments before they depart!


Your team can utilize numerous inventive and enjoyable soccer award ideas. Personalizing the award makes them more meaningful, and there are many ways to get the money you need. Whether you acknowledge a player for their humanitarian contributions or humorous on-field antics, awards are an excellent way to motivate and inspire them.