Why I Won’t Visit the Gym Again?


I never imagined it would get to this point.

I had always found refuge and solace in the gym. Despite the difficulty of my training, going to the gym was enjoyable and an excellent way to decompress. My career has been it as well.

I’ve worked as a personal trainer at clubs in four different countries for more than 20 years.

No need to go over what happened over the past 18 months again, but many of us had to transfer our exercises inside. If you’re searching for a nice gym, have a look at the best gyms in Bangkok.

At first, I was not too fond of it and grew increasingly impatient to return to my club.
But this is the reason I’ll most likely never return to a conventional gym. A commercial gym is still fantastic, yes. I won’t make the false claim that they aren’t. Just my viewpoint has altered. Perhaps yours has as well.

A commercial gym gives you access to thousands if not millions, of dollars worth of equipment for just a few dollars a day. You can access all amenities they may provide, including training and classes. Additionally, a for-profit gym can be incredibly inspiring. The setting is ideal for putting in long hours of labour. Observing others train hard can give you the motivation to do the same.

You may alter the landscape and break up your day by going to the gym. They are also incredibly social settings. A gym’s ability to serve as a gathering space for numerous people has long stood out. But that may also be a diversion and take away from your training time. I am a pleasant guy, but not in the weight room. I’m not trying to be nasty; I don’t want anything to keep me from working out.

Please let me enter and exit without having to interact with anyone.

I used headphones because of this. I spent much of the time trying to avoid talking to people and wasn’t listening to what they were saying. However, the gym is still a fantastic location to meet new people, and I’ve formed many incredible friendships there. So long as we have time to chat after my workout.

Transitioning to At-Home Training

I was alarmed when everything stopped working. As I’m confident, you did as well. I had yet to learn how to survive without a gym. I, however, would continue my training. The issue is that the movement would need to be drastically altered. I only had a chin-up bar and two 15-pound weights at home. I’m done now.

And these were some of my favourite exercises for a long time. I channelled my inner MacGyver and made a pulley system out of old dog leashes and a backpack for carrying books and weights. I was now able to perform numerous exercises, including tricep extensions and lat pulldowns, with the help of my chin-up bar. I dipped using two seats.

Additionally, I completed multiple bodyweight workouts and HIIT circuits. My regular cardio routine included jogging, walking, riding, and hiking. I even decided to check out a few online workout videos and tutorials that can help me plan my sessions more systematically. I might have explored the best satellite internet options in my neighbourhood to compare and choose a service that can provide me uninterrupted internet service. That means, now I can also consider joining online workout classes, which might be more affordable than a gym and can be done at home.

I eventually grew to adore this. What did you do for exercise? I hope you fit them in. Then I considered purchasing additional equipment, but holy crap: this was too expensive for me. There was a massive increase in demand for equipment, and if you could find any, the costs were high. But I gradually added some new parts. Then I understood I didn’t require as much as I believed to maintain my fitness.

Setting Up a Better Home

Those YouTube videos of people’s extravagant home gym sets are my favourites. Although I didn’t have the room or funds for it, daydreaming was still fun. The need for equipment decreased as more gyms eventually started to operate. It then became more reasonable. Then I observed that people could not even give away their equipment. Everything people had grabbed up during the outbreak to train at home was now available and reasonably priced as clubs started to reopen. I located a good bench press and squat rack set. I discovered a cheap Olympic bar, a used bench, and some plates on Amazon Marketplace.

I’ve learned that I don’t need as much weight as I formerly believed because I’m not as powerful as I was in my prime. I now exercise considerably more rigorously and concentrate on the muscles being worked. It doesn’t take as much force to do this. I also learned that I used a few particular components when I went to the gym. As mentioned, it is not difficult to set up a home gym, as long as you have an ideal environment that mimics that of a gym. Generally speaking, this entails a weight set, a treadmill, a heated room for winters (Read more about the benefits of a heating system here FSi Oil and Propane), and, most importantly, a desire to work out.

I can now perform all of these tasks at home. My purchase of “new” equipment didn’t even total $500.
It evened out when I realized this was the amount I had saved over the previous 18 months on a gym membership. As for the place, I might convert my basement space into a home gym eventually. It might need some tidying up, a coat of spray foam provided by an insulation contractor in Red Deer or somewhere closer to me, some nice lighting and maybe a music setup. It might take a bit of time to put together, but like a said, it’s fun to dream.

Why I Won’t Return

The home gym industry has undergone significant development in recent years. Many people now exercise in the convenience of their homes with the help of firms like Travis Wade Fitness which is known to offer a personal trainer in Edmonton.

Truth be told, training at home has never been more accessible thanks to Peleton, Tonal, and all the online teaching videos. We now have unlimited access to films on YouTube that demonstrate how to use your space for at-home training at different price points. You can make any space-your garage, basement, spare bedroom, or even just a little portion of your living room into a fantastic training area.

When the gyms open, several people I spoke with said they would mix their at-home routine with a few weekly sessions at their regular club. And that has not taken place. People have stayed put because they prefer how their homes are set up. Through it all, I became aware of the numerous aspects of commercial gyms that I have grown to detest, including:

The long lines for equipment, the commute there and back, and the need to find parking. The spread of germs and sweat from working out next to some disgusting people, the need to change into extra clothing and try to find a locker (especially in the winter), and the machines and equipment that appear to be “under repair” for weeks at a time.

Now I can exercise whenever I want, dress however I want, watch or listen to whatever I want, and not have to deal with any problems associated with a shared place.

Final Reflections

A persistent myth claims that a gym is the only way to get fit. I spent years trying to persuade people that this was the case. We now understand how completely untrue this statement is. Fitness is not just confined to a vast room filled with people and equipment; you still have to pay an initiation fee to join. I never imagined I’d be able to skip the gym for this long. I’m shocked to confess that I didn’t miss it.

The location I missed the most suddenly wasn’t as appealing. You might be in the same situation.
I understand that gyms continue to be popular and can be excellent facilities. However, the possibilities available to us at home have significantly increased. Building your own at-home setup is possible if you have the necessary tools.

Although new items are more affordable than ever, there is a vast supply of lovely used items that have yet to be touched. The prominent places to look are Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji (if you’re in Canada), and Craigslist.

However, if you have Amazon Prime, look at their marketplace’s used products. I’ve discovered some incredible bargains, and frequently, “used” merchandise merely has torn packing.

It could be time to move away from the gym and look for fitness elsewhere.